The need in the market for a quality TONIC SYRUP is better engineered from the angle of cultivating the CINCHONA trees and knowing how to harvest, dry and pack it´s most valuable asset : the bark. The reason behind this is the responsible and professional knowledge of how to build a taste from the plant to the drink, and not like other many in this business, from the BAR to the drink. We are in the Cinchona bark business since 1990 and dearly understand what it takes to produce a good quality bark for the world markets.

Our meticulous work applies all throughout the process as we know that savvy drinkers nowadays would not settle for anything less. Along with our all new product : ED´S SUPREME TONIC SYRUP, we proudly present our extended commitment for excellence in the quality and pricing of our products and services, as our mission grows to sustain a diligent, precise, timed, and cost-efficient alternative for your money.

This product excels the scope of handcraftship as although our production process follows a man-made structured line, we are proud to bring you an engineered drink with an industrious perspective and top of the line fabrication standard –not kitchen like in any sense of the word.