How it is made



Our commitment to the sustained quality performance of each batch and bottle, has been carefully planned with the sole inclusion of the finest herbs, other botanicals and most importantly: the best Cinchona succirubra ( Red Cinchona) taste coming out from thick and uniform bark sections of each tree we harvest on a sustainable fashion, every 3 years for a period term of 60 years.

On top of that, in our manufacturing process, we are enhancing the bitter taste of our ED´S SUPREME TONIC SYRUP, by using a RAVAGING uniquely fresh-processed bark fluid extract which will leave you astonished and your senses overwhelmed with natural tastes that will land you on the realm of the immense forests where the trees grow at high altitude alongside the breath taking views of three colossal volcanoes that define part of our country´s mountain range.

This is all just a small good additional reason for you to try the new : ED´S SUPREME TONIC SYRUP.

At the end, let the taste do the talking…